Official Ribbon Cutting At Our Grand Opening

About Us

Cashmere Bistro & Tavern is a restaurant and bar serving New American fare and craft cocktails.

Our mission is to provide high quality food, beverage, and fun in a friendly atmosphere through memorable, thoughtful service and cuisine.

But we are not simply a restaurant in a hotel — rather, we endeavor to be a communal, social space for travelers and locals alike.

It's for this reason that our menus are comprised primarily of classic dishes with modern touches. Nothing on the menu will seem intimidating or mysterious to whomever decides to dine with us.

We've curated a varied selection of dishes that are approachable, recognizable, and exciting — true iterations of our Chef's friendly personality and culinary prowess.

Originally, the space was called Audrey's and served as a training facility for the hospitality and culinary students at Johnson & Wales University in nearby Providence, RI.

Our Executive Chef, Anthony Rayhall, actually worked at Audrey's during his time at JWU.

Now, he's come full-circle as the culinary director of Cashmere Bistro & Tavern several years after graduating.

Since JWU launched their project in the early 1990s — and since the restaurant sat unoccupied for a number of years, the space received a much-needed upgrade before opening to the public.

To brighten what was for many years a dark and intimate space — and to cultivate a closer connection to the local community, we've brought in the works of local artists.

Our walls are now adorned with vibrant and striking imagery crafted by the talented folk from our local hometowns.

Join us for dinner or drinks (or both!). We'll be happy to have you.